Vatican Museum Entrance

Entrance of The Vatican Museums

The stunning city of Vatican is a world-famous attraction for tourists with an inclination towards history and aesthetics. The religious and cultural synthesis that you can witness in this place is a mesmerising experience to have. You can gaze at the intricate designs of the Palace and its entrances, and the opulent interiors that it guards for centuries. 

There are two main gates to enter the Vatican, one is the Vatican Museum entrance and another is the St. Peter’s Basilica Gate. As the names suggest, they provide entry to the tourists in these respective areas. So, you need to plan your visit according to which part of the Vatican you wish to explore first. You do not need tickets to visit the Vatican, however, if you are visiting the museums, you need to get your tickets. On-site tickets are available at the Vatican Museum Gate, although it is highly encouraged to book your tickets in advance in order to speed-up the tour.

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Vatican City Entrances

Via Della Conciliazione

To the South-east side of the Vatican, there is the St. Peter’s basilica entrance from where you can directly access the front-courtyard of the same. It brings you to a huge circle which is called St.Peter's Square, and is lined by sculptures made by geniuses like Bernini and Michelangelo. At the centre, there lies the Vatican Obelisk which was brought to Rome from Egypt.

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Via Viale Vaticano

To the North of the Vatican, there is the Viale Vaticano which is the Vatican Museum entrance. It provides you with the fastest route to reach the museums and explore it thoroughly. It is a prominent archway with a beautiful sculpture at the top of it, and separate queues are lined up here for different kinds of ticket holders.

Getting to Vatican Museum

The Vatican is located towards the centre of Rome, in Italy. It is easily accessible by public transport like that of bus, metro and tram services. Also, both these entrances lie at a walking distance of approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

  • How to reach by bus: Bus no.49 takes you right in front of the Viale Vaticano stop from where you can easily spot the museum entrance. Additionally, bus numbers 990 and 492 can take you to the Via Leone IV stop from where the Vatican entrance to the museum is a -minute walk.

  • How to reach by Metro: Valle Aurelia is the nearest metro station to this destination, and it falls on the Line A of metro routes. The Vatican Museum entrance is approximately a 5-minute walk from there.

  • How to reach by tram: The nearest tram stop to this destination is the Piazza del Risorgimento. The Vatican Museum entrance is around a 10-minute walk from this station.


How many Vatican entrances are there?

There are two Vatican entrances, one is Della Conciliazione and the other is the Vaticano. The former is situated to the South-Eastern side of the city, and the later is to the north of the city. Both these entrances are used by tourists depending upon the kind of ticket they have purchased.

How long does the visit to the Vatican last?

If you are visiting the Vatican, it is suggested that you keep an entire day in your hand. In case you are running on a tight schedule, try to spend at least three hours to visit the major attraction sites of the destination.

Which Vatican entrance to use to visit Vatican Museums?

You can use both the entrances to visit the Vatican Museums. One of them is used for tourists who purchase the tickets on spot, and another is used by those who purchase the skip-the-line tickets in advance.

Why is the Vatican Museum famous?

The Vatican is famous for the rich religious and cultural significance that it holds for the Roman Catholic Church. It is the headquarters of the church and the residence of the Holy See as well. The Vatican Museum is also highly regarded as a stunning architectural wonder and a historical destination. 

What is inside the Vatican Museum?

The Vatican Museum holds a collection of art, sculptures and paintings collected by the Papacy over the several past centuries.

What famous art is in the Vatican Museum?

The Vatican Museums are home to some of the most famous pieces of art: this includes the sculpture of Laocoon, Michelangelo’s ceiling frescoes, and the works of Raphael.

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What are Vatican Museum hours?

The Museum remains open between 09.00 AM and 04.00 PM from Mondays to Saturdays.

What time should I go to the Vatican museum?

The best time to visit Vatican Museum would be right after its opening time. Being one of Rome’s most popular attractions, the Museums tend to remain crowded throughout the week, with the crowd only gathering strength as the day progresses.

What day is the Vatican museum closed?

The Vatican Museums remain closed on Sundays and other designated Vatican holidays.

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Which Vatican Museums Entrance should I choose if I’m visiting during peak hours?

If you are visiting during the peak hours, you can choose to enter the premises from the Viale Vaticano entrance which is the Vatican Museum entrance. There are separate queues for on-site ticket buyers and advance ticket buyers, so line up according to the ticket you have bought.

How do I get to the Vatican from Rome?

The Vatican City is an enclave that is surrounded by Rome on all sides. Therefore, it is relatively easy to travel from Rome to the Vatican Museum entrance by availing public transport systems of bus, metro, and tram.


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