Vatican Museums Rules

Rules of Vatican Museums

The Vatican is a land-locked city-state that is surrounded by Rome on all sides, and the Vatican Palace is centred in this city. It bears a very rich cultural and religious significance which is reflected in the architectural structure and the codes of conduct at this place. The Vatican Museum is stationed inside the Vatican Palace, therefore it is important to observe the rules and regulations of the land at this destination. Any form of disrespect shown towards catholicism is highly condemnable here, as the Vatican city is the headquarters of the Roman catholic Church.  The power of the Church is exercised here with full vigour as the Papal head, also known as the Hole See, resides in the Vatican Palace. It is advisable to explore the Palace by observing the Vatican Museum rules and regulations properly, so try and plan your trip accordingly. Indulge yourself in the beauty and grandeur of the place while maintaining a decent decorum so that you can have an impeccable experience while touring this extravagant destination.

Dress Code

You need to maintain a decent dressing sense and follow the dress code as mentioned by the Catholic Church. People of all identities need to cover their shoulders and knees completely before entering the premises of the Vatican palace and the Museum.

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Personal Belongings

Your valuable personal belongings such as wallets, phones, and jewelry cannot be kept in the cloakroo luggages bigger than 40 X 35 X 15 cm of dimensions, and rucksacks that exceed the visitors' widest body part by 15 cm, need to be stored in the cloakroom.

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Forbidden Items

Metal items such as knives and scissors, video cameras, firearms, non-folding umbrellas, microphones, any kind of signs or banners, and laser pointers are not allowed inside the Vatican Museum. Although, they can be stored in the cloakroom for free.

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Food and Drink

Food items and drinks are not allowed inside the Vatican Museum, especially inside the exhibition halls. Any kind of alcoholic beverage is not allowed either, although they can be stored inside the cloakroom.

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Your phones need to be put on silent so that the other visitors do not feel disturbed. You can take photos, but usage of phones is strongly discouraged.

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Pets and Guide Dogs

Animals and pets are not allowed inside the premises of the Palace as per the Vatican Museum’s entry rules. In the case of guide dogs, the management needs to be informed at least one day in advance. The guide dogs need to be put on leashes and muzzles so that the other visitors do not feel uncomfortable.

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 According to the Vatican Museum rules, visitors are allowed to take pictures for domestic and personal uses. Flash photography is strictly forbidden, and the usage of tripods and professional cameras for commercial photography is prohibited.

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Lost & Found

If you lose something inside the premises of the Vatican Museum, you can inform the nearest security post. You can collect your belongings from the cloakroom on the same day, although, if you leave anything out, you can drop a mail at If you do not collect your stuff within 48 hours, they will be destroyed.

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Safegaurding Works of Art

All the corners of the Palace and Museum are under video surveillance, so in case of violation of rules the alarms will be turned on. Touching the artworks is allowed in some parts of the Museum for the blind or partially-sighted visitors only because they need sensory guidance to experience the significance of this destination.

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Rules At Vatican Museum

Rules At Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museums have specific rules to ensure a respectful and enjoyable visit. Modest attire is required, with no exposed shoulders or knees. Silence is expected to maintain the serene atmosphere. Photography is generally allowed, except in the Sistine Chapel. Large bags must be checked. No food or drinks are permitted except for water. Respect for religious artifacts and artworks is crucial, including no touching unless stated. Visitors are expected to follow staff instructions and stay within designated areas. These rules aim to preserve the cultural and spiritual significance of the collection, creating a harmonious experience for all visitors.

FAQ's Of Vatican Museum Rules

Can I bring food or drinks into the Vatican Museums?

No, food or drinks are not allowed in the premises. If you are carrying any kind of alcoholic beverage, you need to store it in the cloakroom as it is not allowed inside the premises of the Palace and the Museum. You cannot have food items while touring the Exhibition halls.

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What should I do if I lose something inside the Vatican Museums?

 If you have lost any of your belongings, you can report it to the nearest security point. If you realise that you have lost something in the museum, you can drop an email at You need to collect your belongings from the cloakroom on the same day. In case you do not collect them within 48 hours, they will be destroyed. 

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Are backpacks allowed in the Vatican Museum?

According to the Vatican Museum’s entry rules, small and medium backpacks are allowed inside the museum. However, bags exceeding 40 x 35 x 15 cm of dimension need to be stored in the cloakroom. Rucksacks that exceed the west body part of the visitors by 15 cm are not allowed inside the museum.

How strict is the dress code at the Vatican?

The dress code at the Vatican Museum is very strict. It is advisable to follow them thoroughly or at least maintain the decency and decorum of the place in accordance with the Church’s rule. The Vatican City is a religious city-state, therefore it is crucial to abide by the regulations mentioned above.

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Can I take photographs inside the Sistine Chapel?

No, you cannot take pictures inside the Sistine Chapel. You can observe the jaw-dropping extravagance of the Chapel, and note the lavish adornments of the place. However, you cannot capture this lavish sight on your phones or cameras for commercial or large-scale purposes according to the Vatican Museum rules.


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